South Texas' Premier Security Company 


“Provide the absolute highest quality Security Solution to protect your most valuable people and processions. 

Who we are:

Surveillance Solutions was founded right after 9/11. Our parent company, Inc. serviced many IT customers for the previous 15 years. After the devastating event on 9/11 customers were concerned for the safety of their employees and asked for help to physically secure their Homes and Businesses. 

What we do:

Our Mission is to protect your most Valuable People and Processions. We do not sell equipment. We provide the absolute highest quality Security Solutions.

Why we do it:

We have the same investments in this community. We want it to be the best it can be and for it to be safe for our children and families. We do this best by providing the highest quality Security Solutions.

Where we do it:

We provide services in these 10 sectors: Military Installations, City Landmarks, Restaurants, Commercial Businesses, Gated Communities, Nursing Homes, Automobile Dealerships, Multi Family Complexes and Private Residences. 

How we do it:

We start each project the same way. We ask the question “What is the EXACT problem we are trying to solve?” Then we use the most advanced and effective technology to provide the highest quality Security Solution. We always start with the end result in mind. 

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