Video Surveillance You Can Count On

Plug and play service.  Installation made easy.

Our services are flexible and customizable with existing camera systems whether they are hardwired or wireless. Need cameras installed?  We only install 100% wireless camera systems so there is no digging, drilling or construction mess.  

  • No software to install
  • No hardware to configure
  • No inbound ports to configure
  • No need for a static IP address

View multiple locations with one login.

For those business owners with more than one location, viewing your cameras is easier than ever. Simply login in to our Central Management application, select the individual cameras of your choice from each location by dragging them to the live view window.  That's it. You can also delegate access, give trusted employees access, revoke access, and track who has done what. All from your web browser. 

100% mobile ready. Anywhere. Anytime.  

Desktop or mobile?  You have full access no matter the device.  With free mobile applications that implement full functions you can view live video, navigate and search historic video, turn cameras on and off, adjust camera settings, or email videos. Works on Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad, iOS and Android.  No plugins to install. No software to install.

Customizable layout.  Customized alerts and settings.

You want to know what’s going on. Email or SMS alerts for camera tampering or motion. Unlimited motion detection areas on each and every camera independent of the type of camera you are using — even for analog cameras. Alerts and warnings when cameras go offline.

Encrypted and secure off-site storage.  Peace of mind.  

Our cloud architecture allows for 100% of video and data to be encrypted and stored offsite for safekeeping.  If needed, you can enable critical streaming video to be shared with First Responders at a moment's notice.   

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