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Why Surveillance Solutions?

“I chose Surveillance Solutions’ system because of the level of control it allowed me to have. With the key-fob, I never have to worry about forgetting passwords. I just press “arm” and go.

Being able to see who’s home is a big plus as my kids usually get home from school before I do. I get a text message that tells me all is well. It couldn’t be any easier. Thanks Surveillance Solutions!”

-Laura Davidson

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wireless home security

wireless home security systems

 At Surveillance Solutions, we are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to keep you and your family safe, and your property secure. We’ve spent decades implementing the most advanced security alarm protection you’ll find anywhere. We are an authorized dealer of alarm.com, the technology that includes smartphone home automation and wireless home security.


 Several of our partners have come to us with different concerns over the years, all of them unique in there security needs. That’s why we offer various levels of protection and custom features to meet those specific needs. From intrusion, to fire, life alerts, and interactive home monitoring, we work with you to pair you with the home security system you need so you can have peace of mind.


 Comfort. Luxury. Convenience. Our “SMART” home security alarm does much more than warn off intruders with emergency alerts. For when there’s NOT a crisis, we provide you with the easiest way to automate and control your heating and cooling, door locks, lighting, and MUCH more. Watch the alarm.com commercial. You’ll make the most of your home by enjoying comprehensive control, energy savings, and endless possibilities.


With just the swipe of a finger, your home will come to life. Using our app or web-based user interface allows you to connect and control from almost any touchscreen, smart-phone, tablet, or computer. Forgot to turn on the exterior lights before leaving on vacation? Just turn them on with your phone. Hear the doorbell ring? You can see who is outside before you answer the door. Want to change the thermostat without getting out of bed? With just the swipe of a finger you can access your home security system.

We offer the latest home security alarm technology in the industry.

We have been in business for over 35 years. Our foot print stretches from Temple Texas all the way down to Laredo encompassing the Texas Hill Country and as far east as Houston. We only have one product and one service. Our product is security and our service is making our customers ecstatically satisfied. We are the only San Antonio alarm company offering the most advanced and intuitive alarm system on the market! See what we’re talking about.

Free Introductory Ebook

Simple Solutions to Prevent Home Break-Ins

Wireless Home Security

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where we never had to worry about someone breaking in to our home? Just to have the peace of mind, the feeling throughout the day that our homes are protected and the things that matter are safe. This eBook is designed to demonstrate the importance of having a wireless home security system that communicates directly with you wherever you are. We have provided a review of two studies from past research on the outcomes of burglar choice, a checklist so you can assess the likeliness of your home be- coming a target, the most effective home security precautions with and without alarms, and a look at home security systems today. It is important to gain an understanding of not only the crime statistics in your area, but the behavior patterns of burglars associated with the development of new home security technology. This eBook demonstrates a comparison of home security from the early 1990’s to today and some of the features you can look forward to that will better protect your home from intruders.

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