Providing Custom Security Consulting, Design and Solutions from San Antonio to Austin

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Small Business Security

Surveillance Solutions can deliver big security results on a small business level. Get the protection and security your business deserves.

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Camera-to-Cloud Video Surveillance

Realize the MANY benifits with the Cloud...

  • Enhanced Security
  • Unparalled Accessability
  • Future-Proof

AND lower yout cost your Total Cost of Ownership

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Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge Networking

Don’t want to run cable? We specialize in providing security connections for large coverage areas

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Surveillance Solutions helps retail establishments of the San Antonio, TX region to protect their businesses from inventory shrinkage, burglary, data breaches, employee theft, and more. Business owners of San Antonio, TX protect their investment with complete peace of mind.

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Protecting your industrial property is made simple with the services of Surveillance Solutions in San Antonio, TX. We offer complete security solutions for industrial complexes or properties of all sizes.

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Government security is of crucial importance at all local, state, and federal levels. Surveillance Solutions in San Antonio, TX offers complete layers of security protection to government properties, buildings, and entities.

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Our Solutions

Video Security

Video security with Surveillance Solutions in San Antonio, TX puts your eyes where they need to be at your business, industrial complex, government building, or any property. Our Surveillance Solutions video security solutions in San Antonio, TX are comprised of many different layers for complete video protection.

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Alibi Cloud

In today’s modern world, data security is of equal importance to physical security. No longer do criminals need to be at your location to “steal” from your business or entity, and hackers can get the valuable information they’re looking for from anywhere. Surveillance Solutions Alibi Cloud security in San Antonio, TX keeps your data protected.

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Access Control

Surveillance Solutions access control in San Antonio, TX grants access to only authorized individuals on your property. With access control, PIN, key cards, and other access solutions may be used to completely control who has access to certain parts of your property or your entire property as a whole.

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Data & Fiber Systems

Data and fiber systems security in San Antonio, TX with Surveillance Solutions addresses your specific data and fiber systems concerns, and solves them with the security solutions you need. No two security needs are the same, and Surveillance Solutions never treats them that way.

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Wellness Program

Our Surveillance Solutions services don’t stop after your installation is complete. Our Wellness Program in San Antonio, TX provides you with all of the support you need to continue to get the very most out of your security solutions.

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Protecting Gated Communities

Deterring unwanted guests and keeping an eye out for suspicious visitors is important for your safety.

From blue print stages to established communities, we specialize in designing, installing and monitoring access points to your neighborhood.

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Video Monitoring 24/7

Gain peace of mind and watch over your outdoor assets.

Get real-time alerts from a real person and gather crucial evidence when incidents occur.

Starting at only $150/Month per zone!

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Why Choose Us

Highly Trained Specialists

Our Surveillance Solutions specialists are trained in all aspects of security for San Antonio, TX. From the initial consultation, all the way to your support and maintenance, we put our expertise to work for you.

High Service Standards

In order to provide only the highest quality services to our customers of the San Antonio, TX region, Surveillance Solutions upholds only the highest service standards. We are here to make sure you’re taken care of every step of the way.

Code of Ethics

By upholding a code of ethics, Surveillance Solutions in San Antonio, TX is able to provide an experience that every one of our customers can trust. We are proud to provide security solutions and services that we ourselves would want to make use of and trust ourselves.

Cost Effective

The right security solutions to keep you safe should never be out of the question due to budgetary concerns. Our security solutions are cost effective and cover all different budget needs to ensure you can afford the security solutions you require for success.

Custom Solutions

No two security needs will be exactly the same, and we don’t treat them as such at Surveillance Solutions in San Antonio, TX. We work with you to craft custom solutions to your custom concerns.

Bilingual Technicians

At Surveillance Solutions, our technicians are bilingual in order to communicate effectively with all customers of the San Antonio, TX region. We don’t want you to have to skip out on security due to communication barriers.

Our Process

Get in Touch

Get in touch with our professionals at Surveillance Solutions in San Antonio, TX to get the process started for your custom security solutions. We’ll go over your needs with you and craft a custom plan for your specific needs.

On-site Assessment

After you get in touch with us, we’ll come out for an on-site assessment to make sure your custom security solutions will be just what you need. Our San Antonio, TX professionals will take a look at your property and address your needs.


After the on-site assessment, the installation process can begin. Our professionals will walk you through the installation process to make sure you know exactly what is going on, and that you have an installation that works for you.

Training & Warranties

After your installation is complete, you’ll be trained on your new security solutions and provided the warranties that ensure your system works just as it should. We won’t leave until we know you can make the most of your new installation.

Use the latest hardware and IT security options to protect your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you so expensive?

Surveillance Solutions keeps our San Antonio, TX security solutions as affordable as possible for our customers of the region. We use top of the line security solutions backed by warranties to ensure continued efficacy.

Who have you done work for?

Surveillance Solutions has provided security solutions to a vast array of different customers and clients in the San Antonio, TX region. We provide solutions for industrial complexes, retail businesses, government entities, and more.

How long have you been in business?

We began our company in 1995 as an IT solutions business, and then transitioned to focus on security after 9/11. We’ve focused on security as a primary business for the past 18 years.