Professional Security Camera System Installation

Surveillance Solutions specializes in installing residential and commercial video security systems in San Antonio, TX. Our reputation has been built upon our ability to provide customized video surveillance solutions that address the unique needs of our customers. Our team has the experience and skill to design and install a video camera system perfectly suited for your property’s unique footprint, your lifestyle, or your business operations. We can also update your existing video camera system with the latest technology, to ensure your family’s or business’ safety for years to come.

CCTV Camera Installation Services and Security Services Include

  • Site Assessment– Our security experts will conduct thorough site assessment, beginning with a basic schematic of your floor plan. We will address your basic CCTV services needs and questions and identify all possible obstructions and security challenges based on your specific location.
  • Local System Configuration– We can configure your CCTV cameras and security systems and optimize CCTV equipment to meet your location and security needs—locally.
  • Installation– We can install, position, focus and fine-tune all of your CCTV cameras—saving you time.
  • Cabling– Our security camera installation service experts will install all Ethernet, video, and/or power cabling for your CCTV cameras and analog CCTV equipment.
  • Remote Workstation Configuration– We can provide remote workstation configuration for your CCTV equipment and CCTV installation services.
  • Documentation– We can provide documentation and archiving for all CCTV equipment and systems settings, as part of your security camera system installation service.

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As many San Antonio, TX homeowners and business owners have discovered, video surveillance can be a very useful tool to monitor whoever is entering and exiting your property, and to keep a watchful eye on sensitive areas of your business like entrances, cash handling areas, parking lots, server rooms, warehouses and more. And in the event that criminal activity is ever detected, security cameras provide court admissible video evidence to use with law enforcement authorities. Most police departments will be more likely to devote resources to investigating a crime if there is quality video surveillance footage to help them solve it.

Video surveillance systems can also serve as an excellent intelligence gathering tool to bolster your neighborhood watch program and assist police in deploying patrols for maximum effectiveness.

For business owners, a security camera system can reduce theft, and provide evidence to prosecute crimes. From “slip and fall” claims and shoplifting, to “shrinkage” due to employee theft and “sweetheart deals,” security cameras serve as an excellent watchdog.

Why Hire a Professional Installer?

While security camera installation can be a DIY project, those who attempt to do it themselves are often unsatisfied with the results. Common mistakes include buying cheap equipment, not installing enough cameras, positioning or focusing cameras incorrectly, failing to identify all security vulnerabilities in your home or business, and underestimating the complexity of the installation process.

A lack of security expertise could cost you a lot in terms of wasted time and effort – or worse, lead to an undetected break-in. With professional security camera installation from Surveillance Solutions, you won’t have to worry about these issues, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your home or business will be protected for years to come. Plus, you won’t need to spend your valuable time reading instructions or watching videos, being on a ladder, or crawling through your attic to run cable!

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Security Camera System

With an ever widening array of choices in security camera technologies, trying to select the right security camera system can be overwhelming. At Surveillance Solutions, we specialize in helping our customers choose the surveillance camera system that best meets their security needs. We’ll take the time to guide you through your security camera options, to help you customize a video surveillance solution that delivers quality images, industry leading performance and long term reliability. Here are the primary considerations that we can help you with:

Camera Resolution

The more forensic detail you need and the more you want to be able to zoom in on the camera image, the higher resolution security cameras you need. Surveillance Solutions offers cameras that range from 1.3 megapixels (1280 x 720 pixel resolution) all the way up to 8.0 megapixels (3840 x 2160 pixel resolution). We can assist you in choosing the appropriate resolution, balancing your property’s unique coverage requirements with your budget considerations.

HD-TVI vs. IP Cameras

HD-TVI cameras work well if you are retrofitting an older analog security camera system with higher resolution cameras. They are also great if you have budget constraints, as HD-TVI cameras typically cost less than networked IP cameras. IP cameras offer the highest resolution for the best forensic detail, like providing facial recognition or license plate recognition. And if you plan to run new network wiring, IP cameras are the best choice.

Camera Form Factor

Have you considered what form factor (style) of security camera you need? Turret cameras are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, and typically feature lower IR (infrared) bounceback for better nighttime viewing. Dome cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well, are more discreet, and offer vandalproof options that protect against tampering and damage. Bullet cameras offer more conspicuous security and longer IR ranges. And PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras are adjustable, allowing you to control them remotely, which can be perfect for commercial or industrial applications.

Field of View

The field of view you choose will depend upon your property’s unique footprint and your available locations for security camera placement. Choose a larger FOV to cover a wider area; choose a narrower FOV to cover a specific target area with more detail.

Infrared (IR) Capabilities

Do you need to see at night? If your cameras need to capture nighttime footage, then choose a camera with an infrared array. It’s always wise to choose two times the IR range than you think you might need. For example, if you want great detail at 65 feet, choose a camera with 130 foot IR capability.

Remote Monitoring

The ability to monitor your San Antonio, TX home or business while you are away provides convenience and the peace of mind that you will always know what’s going on. With easy-to-use remote monitoring technology from Surveillance Solutions, you can access your security camera system remotely 24/7 via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You can view live or recorded video and receive real time alerts, whether you’re across town or across the globe.

Upgrade Your Existing Security Camera System

Are you looking to expand your current video surveillance system? Do you want to transition from an older analog HD security camera system to a networked IP system? Our experienced security camera installation technicians can facilitate a successful transition from older HD equipment to the latest, state of the art video surveillance gear. We install only the highest quality equipment from the top manufacturers, and offer industry leading warranties on most installations. Plus, we provide low voltage wiring as well as pre-wiring for network installations, for both residential and commercial buildings. Surveillance Solutions can deliver a proven and reliable security camera system that provides crystal clear video, flexible video storage options, and scalability as your security needs change in the future.

Trusted, Proven Security Camera Solutions for Any Size Project

At Surveillance Solutions, we install a wide array of security cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), networked video recorders (NVRs), complete security camera systems, video security accessories and more. Our surveillance camera experts can guide you through your security camera choices to help you decide which options are best for your San Antonio, TX home or business.

All of our security camera solutions are specifically designed, based on years of direct feedback from security industry professionals, to deliver the best possible user experience, from installation to operation, with guaranteed reliability, exceptional performance, and scalability.

The Latest Video Security Technology

Our professionally installed security camera systems feature a wide array of options for all of your video surveillance needs:

  • Intelligent Recording – Define continuous or event-based recording, per camera
  • Custom Live Views – Supports up to 16 cameras, with an adjustable display sequence
  • Live View Cycles – Manual and automatic cycles, per camera or groups of cameras, with adjustable time intervals
  • Real Time Alarms – For motion detection, video tampering detection, video content analysis, events, and video loss
  • PTZ Camera Support – Multiple PTZ modes are supported, including preset, patrol and pattern
  • Digital Zoom – Zoom in by clicking the mouse, and enable pan, tilt and zoom tracking by dragging the mouse
  • Powerful Search Capabilities – Timeline, event, tag search, smart search within a defined area, external search of offloaded video
  • Smart Tags – Create tags that represent events of interest (such as “shoplifting”) and search your video library to quickly access all tagged events at a later time
  • Smart Search – Define an area within your image and search for motion only within that area, to quickly locate video of a new/missing object, or events in a specific location
  • External Search – Search video that has been offloaded to a USB drive
  • 5 Minute Instant Playback – At the touch of a button, replay the last five minutes of recorded video for quick reference
  • Smart Lock – Protect defined video clips from being erased or recorded over
  • Flexible Video Export Options – Via network or to USB
  • Quick Playback Window – For video verification prior to export
  • Universal Video Format – MP4 video files supported by most players (including Mac)


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